Downsizing is not an easy process for anyone, and for seniors, it can be especially difficult. Not only do you have the emotional impact of sifting through decades of belongings and leaving your family home, but packing and moving can take a toll on your body as well. Nonetheless, sometimes downsizing is either necessary or simply the best decision that you can make at this time in your life. And to help you through the process, we’ve put together a list of handy resources.


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Selling Your Home


When you plan your downsize, you’ll need to get the most for your home and work with an experienced realtor.


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Decluttering and Packing Tips


You’ll need to carefully consider which items you want to keep, donate, toss, and give to family members.


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Making for a Smooth Move


Meticulously plan your move and hire help when you need it.


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If downsizing is something that you need to take on, it’s important to approach it thoughtfully and take steps to make it a smooth process. Consider the resources listed here for selling your home, decluttering, packing, and moving. And remember: This next chapter in your life could be your best yet.