Catherine Clock’s expertise and service was amazing.

I would and will definitely recommend Catherine Clock to anyone I know. Her expertise and service was amazing! Her knowledge of the local market and current market trends greatly assisted us in buying our home. Not only does she know her stuff, Catherine is the one you want on your side when a routine home buying transaction turns into an extremely difficult one which is what happened in our case. Twenty four hours before we were supposed to close, our lender, who for several weeks said everything looks good and is on schedule, denied us our loan and put us in a horrible position where we could have lost the house. To put it mildly, this was not well received by the seller. In some extraordinary way, Catherine Clock was able to calm the seller down, continue to negotiate, and convince them not to walk away. Today, we’re in the house and it’s primarily due to Catherine’s ability to keep the deal together. Many agents can tell you about the market and certain trends, but how good are they when things get hard. Catherine did a phenomenal job for my wife and I and reiterate I will highly recommend her without hesitation to anyone I know who wants to buy or sell a home.

09/18/2014 – daboys343
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $1.1M in Cambrian Park, San Jose, CA.

— Daboys , Buyer