Cathie Understands What Her Customers Need, Even When They Don’t

We are so lucky to have had Cathie as our agent during the purchase of our first home. We found her by chance, and after one phone call, we knew she was the right person to help us. And we were right!

Cathie has gone above and beyond to ensure we got the right place. Seriously. She listened to us,
asked plenty of questions and made an effort to get to know and understand our lifestyle. All of this showed in the selection of properties she recommended. At times it even felt like she knew better than us what we wanted, and would recommend we pass on this one, or really look at this other one. Understanding what a customer needs, even when they don’t, is a talent that she definitely possesses.

She has also been patient with us rookie buyers, and walked us through everything and explained all the details. So much so that we were often stuck wondering if the process wasn’t supposed to be harder than it turned out to be. Cathie made it so easy for us and was available anytime we needed her help that we really asked ourselves “could it be this painless to buy a house?”. It was!

When you look at her history you see that Cathie is an active agent that gets the job done. She knows how to close deals and get you exactly what you want. Every client we met praised her; every professional she recommended came through as well. Cathie has a wonderful network and team around her ready to assist.

We have come to love Cathie through our work with her. We’ve become friends, and when we are ready to go for our second home we will undoubtedly come back and work with her. Do yourself a favor and work with Cathie.

— Juan Munoz Morris , Buyer