First Time Home Seller

We are first-time home sellers. So, my wife and I wanted to go with a realtor who has expertise in our geographical area. We found the right realtor in Cathy Clock. Right in the first meeting, we were impressed with Cathy’s strategy on how to approach the sale. She added some realistic things that we could do to add value to the house. This meeting convinced us to go with Cathy as our seller agent The real value of a right seller agent comes during the execution phase. Cathy’s vendor network is impeccable, and I was astonished at the speed at which things were getting planned and executed. Be it either painting, staging, inspection reports, or even minor things, she knew the right vendors. Our house went from being vacant to on the market in around two weeks. The open house happened to fall on the week during which the Covid-19 SIP was about to be announced. Cathy was nimble enough to adjust our strategy a little bit, assuring us of the eventual outcome. Overall, our house sale and the post-sale process went smoothly. Cathy kept us informed throughout the process with regular updates. I’d work with Cathy again in the future and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.

— Anonymous