My entire experience was great.

Catherine Clock served as my realtor for the sale of my Los Gatos home in the Santa Cruz mountains in the fall of 2015. I had done quite a bit of work on the home in my four years of ownership. Catherine made sure we did everything we needed to do up front and on schedule. Early inspections led to the discovery of a septic tank that needed to be replaced. Catherine stayed in the loop as I took care of that and kept things moving. She knows her business very well and was very prepared. She brought in an amazing woman, Debbie, to stage the house, as well as painters, gardeners, etc. to get the place looking its best. Catherine always left it to me to make the final decisions on cost and what to do. She handled the negotiation and entire transaction very professionally. At the end, the buyers wanted to make some improvements to the heating system. Catherine quickly negotiated this and set up an escrow account so that I could contribute a known amount to conduct the work and the buyers would know it would be done. The entire experience was a great for me, and I think the buyers would agree with that as well.

01/25/2016 – stevenellyn
Sold a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $1.475M in Los Gatos, CA.

— S. Belinski , Seller